ProjectsAlcoa Membrane Water Treatment Plant

Owner: City of Alcoa, Tennessee

Engineer: Smith Seckman Reid; Nashville, Tennessee

Contract Amount: $20.9 million

Year Completed: 2007

The Alcoa Water Treatment Plant is an award-winning 16 million gallons per day (MGD) enhanced coagulation membrane filtration water treatment plant. Filtration is accomplished using ZeeWeed 500D series immersed vacuum driven membranes by GE-Zenon.

The Water Treatment Plant is housed in a 40,600 square foot pre-engineered metal building with a facade that resembles a barn blending in with the surrounding rural community. The building includes a laboratory and office areas.

Other major construction items include: two 1.5 million gallon above grade Crom clearwells; an on-site generation system that produces sodium hypochlorite in either gaseous chlorine or bulk bleach; chemical feed and storage facilities for sodium hypochlorite, alum, sodium hydroxide, phyosphate, and hydrofluosilic acid; installation of bulk storage and feed systems for use with powered activated carbon; and three 7500 GPM, 700 Hp high service pumps.

When the Owner opened the bids, W. Rogers Company's original bid price was $24,329,000.00, which was approximately 10% above the expected project costs. In the weeks following the bid, W. Rogers Company collaborated with the Owner and the Engineer to identify Value Engineering changes that would deliver substantial savings while maintaining the same high quality and the design concept.

Most notable of the Value Engineering changes was moving the clearwell from below the membrane building and replacing it with two (2) above ground pre-stressed concrete storage tanks, changing the metal building manufacturer, and modifications to the electrical design. The net result of the Value Engineering changes was a reduction of $3,632,107.00 in project cost. Shortly after a Contract was executed, a change order was executed accepting the deductions proposed by W. Rogers Company.

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