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William Warren "Jolly" RogersIntegrity is at the core of W. Rogers Company. Founded in 1970 with 25,000 borrowed dollars and a dream, William W. Rogers (1926-1998) sought to build a utility construction company. Relying on his Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering and 20 years of experience in the construction industry, he started the company from scratch. Today the dream is even bigger and brighter, never straying from the founder's original goal of achieving excellence in the water utilities industry.

The first years saw relatively small municipal projects in and around Lexington, Kentucky. In 1972 the company was awarded the Town Branch project, a $4 million addition to the main sewage plant in Lexington. The world-renowned Kentucky Horse Park used W. Rogers Company for most of its major contracts, including its wastewater treatment plant, irrigation field and the museum's foundation. As the W. Rogers Company grew, it was awarded increasingly complex contracts beyond the Central Kentucky region.

In the late 1970s, W. Rogers Company became one of most accomplished water utilities contracting firms in the Commonwealth. In the 1980s, the Company began to branch out across state lines to Indiana, Ohio, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and it reaped great success in the water and wastewater fields in Tennessee, a state which continues to account for a significant number of contracts. W. Rogers Company has made a real commitment to its superintendent workforce in Tennessee.

A drug-testing program was implemented at the W. Rogers Company in the 1990s. Long before drug-testing became a federal mandate, the Company was setting high standards of worker safety. Today, every effort is made to achieve the highest levels of safety offered by the major industry associations.

For over 40 years, W. Rogers Company has committed itself to providing high quality service, maintaining a loyal staff, implementing an award-winning safety program and investing in the latest industry innovations. We always aspire to be the contractor sought by owners and designers as their preferred construction partner.

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