ProjectsDesign-Build: Stage 2 Disinfection/Disinfection Byproducts Reduction Improvements

Owner: Indiana American Water Company; Kokomo and Richmond, Indiana

Contract Amount: $4.1 million

Year Completed: 2011

The Indiana American Water (IAW) Stage 2 Disinfection/Disinfection Byproduct Reduction project is a design-build project including all design and permitting and all, materials, tools, equipment and incidentals and performing all work required to construct complete in place, test and make ready to operate chemical storage and feed facilities on five (5) separate plant sites.

This includes constructing new chemical buildings for storage and feed of aqua ammonia on one site in Kokomo, Indiana and two sites in Richmond, Indiana. In addition one of the new buildings in Richmond includes storage and chemical feed for Potassium Permanganate and is designed to easily accommodate an addition for storage and feeding of caustic.

In addition to the new structures, the project includes adding new storage and feeding facilities into existing available spaces on one plant site in Kokomo and one plant site in Richmond.

All sites include incorporating automatic control of the new feed systems into the existing SCADA system, all required HVAC (designed for chemical exposure), specialty coatings, electrical, and relevant site work, chemical process piping and site chemical distribution piping.

The total time for start of design and permitting to delivery of the finished project was 12 months.

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