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Membrane Technology

W. Rogers Company is an industry leader because investing in innovative technology is a top priority. We strive to be at the forefront of innovation and continue to find the most effective means to build water-related projects.

Membrane treatment plants provide removal of particulate contaminants from a feed stream by separation based on retention of contaminants on a membrane surface. There is a growing emphasis on limiting the concentrations and number of chemicals applied in the water treatment process. By physically removing contaminants and pathogens, membrane filtration can significantly reduce chemical addition. Today's membrane processes for drinking water are scalable to system demands and easily expanded.

In 2002 W. Rogers Company completed its first membrane treatment facility, a 6.0 MGD water treatment plant improvement project for the Duck River Utility Commission. In the last decade, our resume includes four membrane water treatment facilities ranging from 4.0 MGD to 16.0 MGD. We are currently finishing trial operations of our fifth membrane water treatment facility, a 28.0 MGD project. Our experience constructing membrane water treatment plant facilities is one of the most extensive in the region.

Featured W. Rogers Company membrane treatment projects:

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