ProjectsKentucky River Pool 3 Water Treatment Plant

Owner: Kentucky American Water; Lexington, Kentucky

Engineer: Gannett Fleming; Camp Hill, Pennsylvania

Contract Amount: $60+ million

Year Completed: 2010

The Pool 3 Raw Water Intake and Water Treatment Plant for Kentucky American Water Company was constructed by the joint venture of Reynolds-Rogers, LLC. W. Rogers Company provided the on-site Project Manager and fulfilled the construction responsibility for the main treatment process. The Pool 3 Plant was designed with an initial treatment capacity of 20 MGD and a hydraulic capacity of 30 MGD.

The main treatment building constructed by W. Rogers Company includes a cast-in-place rapid mix; four (4) flocculation basins with paddle flocculators; four (4) settling basins with cable driven siphon type solids removal mechanisms; five (5) dual cell gravity filters with a total of 3,510 square feet utilizing low profile tri-lateral type underdrain made of extruded PVC, air scour backwash, filter media consisting of 12" silica gravel, 12" silica sand and 18" anthracite; all required bulk chemical storage and chemical feed facilities (for carbon, PACL, ferric, caustic, corrosion inhibitor, chlorine, permanganate, sodium thiosulfate, flouride and ammonia hydroxide); an underground finished water storage clearwell with high service pump station; and provisions for future finished water ultraviolet disinfection.

W. Rogers Company was further responsible for all required HVAC and plumbing required for the main treatment building and coordination of I&C and electrical trades. The main water treatment building further includes extensive laboratory and office facilities.

The Pool 3 Plant was a portion of the $164 million Central Kentucky Water Supply Solution, which is an investment Kentucky American Water Co. made to ensure Central Kentucky will be drought-free for the next 20 years. This major accomplishment included the construction of Pool 3 water treatment plant, a new booster station in Franklin County, and a 31-mile underground water transmission line (42" pipe) to Fayette County.

Reynolds-Rogers, LLC. completed the Pool 3 Plant, which was delivered on time and won numerous awards. This was a fast paced project with the original schedule allowing only 24 months from start to initial substantial completion in order to be complete in time for the 2010 FEI World Equestrian Games, an international event that brought over 450,000 spectators to Central Kentucky.

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