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NewsW. Rogers Co. was the low bidder on Knox Co. pump station

Lexington, KY | October 7, 2013

On September 17th, W. Rogers Company was the apparent successful bidder on the S-4 Pump Station project in Knox County, Tennessee with a bid of $2,088,950.00.

This project includes the construction of a new cast-in-place concrete wet well, three new submersible pumps, new electrical and controls equipment, new standby generator, site piping and other site improvements. Construction is anticipated to begin in November and will take 270 days to complete.

"I'm thrilled that W. Rogers Company is returning to Knox County to build a pump station for First Utility District," said Warren Rogers. "Only three years ago, W. Rogers Company completed the Turkey Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant improvements for First Utility District, and in 1988, we built the pump station that will be replaced by this project."

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