ProjectsStrodes Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant

Owner: Winchester Municipal Utilities; Winchester, Kentucky

Engineer: CDP Engineers; Lexington, Kentucky

Contract Amount: $21.3 million

Year Completed: 2008

The Strodes Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant is an expansion of the existing facility consisting of a new process stream (6.0 million gallons per day (MGD) average flow, 24.0 MGD Peak Flow) being built adjacent to the existing plant site. With the exception of modifications to the existing sludge dewatering facilities and chlorine chemical feed process, the new plant was constructed independently of the existing facility.

The new wastewater plant includes the following major elements: poured in place influent pump station and screenings building measuring 70' x 48' with a bottom elevation requiring a 40' deep excavation in solid rock; anaerobic selector basins designed as a single structure containing 6 cells measuring 119' x 83' with a bottom elevation requiring a 15' deep excavation in solid rock; and oxidation ditch complex consisting of four ditches poured as one structure with each ditch measuring approximately 294' x 67' with a channel sidewall depth of 16'6".

Due to increased demand, the oxidations ditches were deepened at the Owner's request by change order to have a channel sidewall depth of 20'-6 and are equipped with eight (8) 200 HP VFD driven WesTech Aerators.

The plant further includes four (4) 105' diameter final clarifiers with 18' sidewall depth with portions of the clarifier excavation requiring solid rock excavation whereas portions required granular compacted fill. The clarifiers are equipped with center feed peripheral discharge clarifier mechanisms.

Other features of the plant include: a RAS/WAS Pump Station; chemical feed; electrical services and maintenance building; an ultraviolet disinfection and reaeration structure containing a non-potable water pump station; and solids processing equipment upgrade consisting of various modifications to existing piping and existing presses.

All required supporting electrical, instrumentation, water and sewer services were provided to the new plant built on an undeveloped site. Additionally, W. Rogers Company performed all miscellaneous site work including paving and curbs, site lighting, yard piping, splitter boxes, sidewalks, and site drainage system.

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