ProjectsTurkey Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant

Owner: First Utility District of Knox County,Tennessee

Engineer: JJ&G/Jacobs; Nashville, Tennessee

Contract Amount: $18.3 million

Year Completed: 2010

The Turkey Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant is an expansion of the 15.0 million gallons per day (MGD) wastewater treatment plant to 18.0 MGD.

The project included the following additions: a third 12.0 MGD screw pump at the headworks; addition of a second mechanical bar screen at the headworks; two (2) new 165 foot diameter final clarifiers; new process drain pump; and a new sodium hypochlorite feed system consisting of two 8,500 gallon bulk storage tanks and three peristaltic hose pump.

It also included the following modifications: grit and grease removal system to provide third 15 hp blower and new grease removal system with screw conveyor; addition of a third oxidation ditch with a capacity of 6.0 MGD; the existing RAS/WAS Pump Station, which included upgrade replacement and additional RAS and WAS pumps; the existing Utility Water Pump Station; Clarifier Splitter Box; and RAS Splitter Box.

The work also included associated mechanical, electrical and instrumentation, control work, and the demolition of existing chlorine gas feed system.

Execution of the project required over 120,000 cubic yards of earth excavation, 20,000 cubic yards of rock excavation, and haul off of approximately 130,000 cubic yards. The final clarifiers required extensive dewatering efforts to install the center piers given the proximity of a nearby lake. Additionally, the project included approximately 9,800 cubic yards of concrete, 1,250 tons of reinforcing steel and 152,000 square feet of formed concrete surfaces.

W. Rogers Company installed approximately 4,400 lf of restrained joint DI pipe in sizes 4" through 48" in depths up to 25'; 3,000 lf of 4" diameter and smaller PVC and copper exterior chemical and water lines; and 1,500 lf of 15" though 24" RCP drainage pipe.

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