ProjectsValley Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant

Owner: City of Elizabethtown, Kentucky

Engineer: HDR Quest; Lexington, Kentucky

Contract Amount: $20.1 million

Year Completed: 2011

The Valley Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion is a 4.0 million gallons per day (MGD) expansion to 13.0 MGD design flow with a 29.0 MGD peak flow.

The major elements of the project include relocation of a portion of the dike surrounding the project site to facilitate expansion required under this and future projects, and removal and replacement of screw pumps at the influent pump station, intermediate pump station and flood stage pump station (twelve in total).

The construction included: a new headworks screening structure and installation of two (2) mechanically cleaned screens and screen compactor; influent splitter box to direct flow to one of three oxidation ditches; a new oxidation ditch measuring 302' x 100' x 15' side water depth with three (3) 200 HP vertical aerators; replacement of aerators in existing oxidation ditch with three (3) new 200 HP vertical aerators; one (1) 112' diameter x 15'-6" side water depth clarifier; new RAS/WAS pump station.

It also included modifications: existing RAS/WAS pumping station consisting of new pumping equipment, piping, electrical and controls; two (2) chlorine contact tanks measuring 60' x 42'; two (2) post aeration basins; two (2) 60' x 60' x 28' deep aerated sludge storage tanks; conversion of an existing chemical feed system; sludge process building including replacement of existing diffuser system in aerated sludge holding tank and installation of sludge transfer pumps and piping; and sludge dewatering building including removal of existing conveyor and installation of a new belt filter press load out conveyor system.

Additional elements to this project included: various buildings modifications to support electrical facilities for the new process elements; all required field instrumentation and SCADA; interior and exterior piping; plumbing; HVAC; electrical; grading; and paving.

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